The Employer

BRNSS has employed about 200 teachers and 300 non-teaching staff members. BRNSS was the 1st organization in the State to offer 6th Pay Commission to its faculty, well before State Government. Regular training programs are organized for teaching and non-teaching staff, employees are encouraged to publish papers, attend workshops and FDPs, and improve qualifications and skills. They are sponsored for Higher Education. There are different schemes of organization to promote teachers to go for doctoral and PG programs, present papers in country and abroad. Teachers are offered facility of sabbatical leave.




About 250 papers were published by the members of faculty and students of BRNSS institutions between July and December 2009.

BRNSS provides facilities for faculties and students-

1.   Provides Registration fees and Traveling allowance to student and faculties for Presenting Research Paper in National
      and International Conference /Workshops/ STTPs etc.
2.   Provides study leave for updating of faculties qualification. 
3.   BRNSS has been providing with stipend and on duty to employees of the institutions.